Aalmerk, organic lamb, beef and wool from Uradale Farm, Shetland

Uradale farm

Uradale farm from the air Uradale farm has built up a trade for its native Shetland lamb and beef. These products were unwanted in the modern meat market and only have appeal to those who aspire to authenticity and flavour. Forgotten tastes and ancient traits are what we specialise in.

Uradale meats are among only a few to carry total traceability as well as a full nutritional analysis. We believe in telling the whole tale.

Uradale, naturally, produces genuine Shetland wool a commodity known worldwide, but actually in great decline. We wish to find people who really value the true Shetland fibre.


We created Aalmerk Ltd as a company to carry the free spirit of genuine produce to those interested in the real Shetland.

Aalmerk sheep were owned by nobody as they carried no 'lugmarks' (ear cuts unique to each farm).

Aalmerk sheep were the free spirits of the sheep flocks, who ranged far and wide avoiding the boundaries of compliant domestication.

Shetland has been described as a Viking crossroads between the North Sea and the Atlantic, actually its a lump of rock on which persists a fairly intriguing history of 5000 years of mankind. Few other places hang on to the indigenous breeds of antiquity, perhaps were just fortunate.

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